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About this item Flexible, secure-fit wingtips for all-day comfort and stability Custom acoustic platform delivers powerful, balanced sound Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking for immersive music, movies, and games Three distinct listening modes: Active Noise Cancelling, and Transparency Mode, and Adaptive EQ Enhanced by the Apple H1 chip for Automatic Switching, Audio Sharing (with another pair of Beats headphones or Apple AirPods), and “Hey Siri” Sweat and water resistant (IPX4-rated) earbuds Up to 6 hours of listening time (up to 24 hours combined with pocket-sized charging case)
High-quality call performance and voice assistant interaction via built-in microphones Industry-leading Class 1 Bluetooth for extended range and fewer dropouts What’s in the Box – Beats Fit Pro True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds; Matching charging case; Eartips with three size options; USB-C to USB-C charging cable; Quick Start Guide; Warranty card. (USB-C power adapter sold separately) Show more


About this item

  • Flexible, secure-fit wingtips for all-day comfort and stability
  • Custom acoustic platform delivers powerful, balanced sound
  • Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking for immersive music, movies, and games
  • Three distinct listening modes: Active Noise Cancelling, and Transparency Mode, and Adaptive EQ
  • Enhanced by the Apple H1 chip for Automatic Switching, Audio Sharing (with another pair of Beats headphones or Apple AirPods), and “Hey Siri”
  • Sweat and water resistant (IPX4-rated) earbuds
  • Up to 6 hours of listening time (up to 24 hours combined with pocket-sized charging case)
  • High-quality call performance and voice assistant interaction via built-in microphones
  • Industry-leading Class 1 Bluetooth for extended range and fewer dropouts
  • What’s in the Box – Beats Fit Pro True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds; Matching charging case; Eartips with three size options; USB-C to USB-C charging cable; Quick Start Guide; Warranty card. (USB-C power adapter sold separately)

About this item Flexible, secure-fit wingtips for all-day comfort and stability Custom acoustic platform delivers powerful, balanced sound Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking for immersive music, movies, and games Three distinct listening modes: Active Noise Cancelling, and Transparency Mode, and Adaptive EQ Enhanced by the Apple H1 chip for Automatic Switching, Audio Sharing (with another pair of Beats headphones or Apple AirPods), and “Hey Siri” Sweat and water resistant (IPX4-rated) earbuds Up to 6 hours of listening time (up to 24 hours combined with pocket-sized charging case) High-quality call performance and voice assistant interaction via built-in microphones Industry-leading Class 1 Bluetooth for extended range and fewer dropouts What’s in the Box – Beats Fit Pro True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds; Matching charging case; Eartips with three size options; USB-C to USB-C charging cable; Quick Start Guide; Warranty card. (USB-C power adapter sold separately) Show more








10 reviews for Beats Fit Pro – True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds – Apple H1 Headphone Chip, Compatible with Apple & Android, Class 1 Bluetooth, Built-in Microphone, 6 Hours of Listening Time – Beats Black Electronics

  1. Alexander Loth @xlth

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Beats Fit Pro: A 6-Month User Experience

    After six months of daily use, I can confidently say investing in the Beats Fit Pro earbuds was a decision I don’t regret. Given their price tag, I definitely consider this purchase an investment. Here’s a breakdown of my experience:Pros:- Quality Sound: The audio quality is top-notch, striking a perfect balance.- Bass: The bass is present but not overwhelming, adding depth to music without being overbearing.- Effective Noise Cancellation: The noise cancellation feature is quite effective, making it easier to focus on what you’re listening to.- Comfort: These earbuds are extremely comfortable. I’ve worn them for extended periods without any discomfort.- Secure Fit: They have never once fallen out of my ears, which is a testament to their design.- Easy Pairing: Like all Apple products, pairing is a breeze and takes no more than 10 seconds.Cons:- The Case: This is where the product falls short. For the price, the case feels like a letdown. It’s unattractive, somewhat bulky, and the hinge feels flimsy. The material used doesn’t scream quality, making it seem more like a cheap market stall find rather than an accessory for a premium product.- Wind Noise: When running or biking, wind noise can still be heard even with noise cancellation activated. This is likely due to the earbuds not being the most aerodynamic.Conclusion:Despite a couple of drawbacks, mainly concerning the case, the Beats Fit Pro earbuds have proven to be a worthy investment. They offer exceptional sound quality, comfort, and a reliable fit that ensures they stay in place no matter the activity. The ease of pairing with devices is a significant plus, enhancing the overall user experience. However, if you’re someone who spends a lot of time outdoors in windy conditions, you might notice some wind interference. That said, for everyday use and for those looking for a mix of quality sound and convenience, the Beats Fit Pro earbuds are a fantastic choice.

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  2. Connor

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Compared to 4 other Earbuds…

    I bought these earbuds along with 4 other pairs, with the intent of comparing them over a couple weeks and returning all but my favorite. Here were the results:Beats Fit Pro – – These buds had some great base, and the wingtip gave them a fit that made them refuse to fall out of my ears. But the best feature? Physical “clicky” buttons on each one of the buds. You press in and hear/feel the click, rather than relying on a touchscreen-like feature. No need to guess if you tapped them once or twice, you will know.Cons – The wingtip gives a very sturdy fit, but not the most comfortable. I wouldn’t recommend to anyone with smaller ears. The noise canceling was solid, but nothing special. And this may be picky, but I didn’t care for most of the color schemes available. I prefer my earbuds to be hard to notice, and even the black ones have a bright red letter “b” in the middle.Beats Studio Buds – – Very comfortable with the same great physically “clicky” buttons as the Beats Fit Pro. Noise canceling seemed slightly better than average. Great base. Classic look.Cons – Tested during a workout, a little bit of sweat had these sliding right out of my ear. The case for these earbuds also was the flimsiest of any I had tested, with a very weak hinge that I was scared of breaking off within the 2 weeks of using.Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro – – A neat feature that I noticed only in these earbuds was that it had noise amplification as well as noise cancelation. With one swipe in the app, the surrounding sound was actually louder and clearer than it would be without the earbuds in. Great if you are hard of hearing, or just enjoy snooping on conversations out of reach.Cons – Similar to the Beats Studio Buds, these didn’t stay in during a workout. They were usable, but every 10 minutes I found myself pushing them back into my ear. And this is an opinion, but these are the ugliest earbuds out of the bunch. The shiny black gleam made it look like a large beetle was hanging out in my ear. No visible brand placement either, which makes them appear cheap and generic rather than the quality Samsung they are.Samsung Galaxy Buds Live – – Cost effective! I added these to the test group because of the unique shape, and for that they are worth giving a try. If you have small ears and do not like the rubber insert that is standard in most other earbuds, these may be perfect for you.Cons – Poor fit for large ears. These were tested the least of all of the buds, because the fit was so bad for my ear shape that they wouldn’t stay in if I turned my head too fast.Bose QuietComfort – – Bose noise canceling is unmatched. If your primary use for earbuds is to cancel out that background white noise, this is the pair for you. The sound quality is great, not too heavy on the base. The case for the earbuds stood out from the rest as the only one that impressed me. Felt very study, and I had no worries tossing it into a gym bag or cup holder. The only case with a button latch to make sure it doesn’t open accidentally.Cons – This was the most expensive pair of earbuds by a longshot, and there were still some things I felt could be improved. The rubber inserts had more of a “flayed” shape rather than the “rounded” shape that is standard. My guess is that this was by design, because the earbuds were also slightly heavier than others and may need that extra in-ear grip. The flayed shape did make them sturdier, but at the cost of them being uncomfortable in an active situation. They were also the largest earbuds, and stuck out from the side of my head further than I would have liked.My favorite? The beats fit pro! While I wouldn’t recommend this pair for everyone, it was perfect for my routine. My music taste benefits from the boosted base, and the wingtip shape was perfect for any workouts. The feature that really convinced me was the physical buttons, something that I didn’t realize how desperately I needed.

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  3. Jeff Gomske

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Finally, Something By Beats I Can Endorse

    I work in radio. I’ve done it for 30+ years and one of the curses/blessings of working with audio is I have grown to understand intimately what really good audio sounds like. I have used countless number of headphones and earbuds (and there 𝙄𝙎 a difference between the two) and there are a few names which stand above the rest, and I’m not going to get into a debate because so-called, ‘Audiophiles’ will claim they know better (Which begs the question, how does one actually 𝙗𝙚𝙘𝙤𝙢𝙚 an Audiophile in the first place? Is there a course you can take, or does one simply give themselves that title? But I digress…) when Beats first hit the scene, they were unquestionably an astonishing waste of money. Their audio quality was maybe a shade above average at best. But, that didn’t stop millions of people from buying them at outrageous prices. Well, the uncontested King of over-priced products (apple) got wind of this and did a takeover of their products and an interesting thing happened: their quality got BETTER.Did they become as good as most “professional” headphones out there…? Probably not. However, their earbuds did become notably better. I feel it necessary to point out that while Beats headphones were nowhere as good as many claimed, their earbuds from the beginning seemed to be pretty good from the get-go. Their unique “hook” style which wrapped around your ear for a secure fit (you either love this style or not – but you cannot argue that they did not fit and stay in place better than almost any other brand out there). Some of their other wired earbuds were still decent as well, if not priced at the upper end of what most people were willing to pay, but at least the earbuds could be counted on to give you an above average experience.Apple buys them out and reorganizes the entire company. Suddenly they are no longer all over the place like they used to be. Famous people were no longer wearing them everywhere you looked. Then apple releases their Beats branded earbuds, the Powerbeats Pro. Love them or hate them, they made an impact.They were also equipped with apple tech like their H1 chip which made them instantly compatible with iPhones (a pretty smart move, actually) and the audio was excellent, especially for working out. Then they release the Beats Fit Pro.A radically different design. But – a welcome one, especially for someone who loved the Powerbeats great audio quality, but not the hook design. Again, it’s hard to please everyone when it comes to something that fits inside your ears that have so many different possible sizes and an almost infinite number of differences from one person to the next…like the apple airpods, one size fit 𝙢𝙤𝙨𝙩…and if you were one of the people they did not fit, well you were kind of SOL. At least with the Fit Pro they opened up better fitting to a much larger segment than the airpods and with the included wing-tip design, they immediately caught the eye of many athletes who need earbuds which stay put while sometimes being fairly aggressive in their workouts. If you were not a fan of the Powerbeats hook style, the Fit Pro’s must have looked like a gift from On High.FIrst off, they really DO sound great. Good bass without going too deep. Music NEEDS good bass, but if it thumps too hard, it will ruin audio in more ways than I can describe here. Mids and Highs were also both pretty crisp and not overly isolated. The blend just works. Whoever tuned the Fit Pro should be commended for doing such a great job.ANC was…disappointing. To be fair, to get great ANC into such a tiny device really IS a challenge and oftentimes going all-in on this feature usually means you sacrifice audio quality. In this case, Beats chose to put more into the audio than into the ANC. I had a difficult time even recognizing that it was even turned on at all. Maybe my pair simply isn’t doing it’s job. However, the OnePlus buds Z2 has ANC that is actually pretty good and still has really impressive audio as well, so I’m not exactly sure why the Fit Pro’s is so difficult to even tell if ANC is on or off, but I can only review what I have and that seems to be the case with my particular pair.The wing-tip design really works well – for me at least. They provide a pretty good fit and they stay put incredibly well. My biggest problem with earbuds is exactly that. Either they’ll fit well, or almost not at all. It doesn’t seem to fall anywhere in between. My OnePlus buds Z2 sound great, but I constantly find myself adjusting them in my ears – which honestly is annoying. The Fit Pro’s (at least in my case) I set them in, twist to secure the wing-tip and they just stay put. This is going to be subjective since everyone is slightly different, so keep in mind my experience with how they fit in my ear may not mirror your own.You can do a little customizing with the app. I do have an iPhone but I primarily use an android, so I downloaded the app and you can to a bit of customizing, however, not as much as I would have liked to have seen given what these earbuds are capable of. I believe the iPhone integration has quite a bit more options than the android counterpart. This seems to be more the norm these days as apple and Samsung work hard to reward you for buying products that are more in line with their products than the competition. I wish they’d both put an end to this childish bickering and open up all their products that can be used on other platforms to include all the options that they would have if you paired it with an iPhone or a Samsung. Either you want your customers to get the best bang for their buck or not.I like the physical buttons the Fit Pro uses. You’ll know by touch that you’ve pressed it instead of simply the “touch” controls which in my experience can be hit or miss. When they work great, it’s awesome. But do they all work perfectly every time? Of course not. With buttons, they seem to work pretty much 100% of the time and that’s something I appreciate.No wireless charging. At this point, especially for the cost, that really is something they should have included. Is it a deal breaker? For some it very well could be. It wasn’t for me, but I love wireless charging and think every pair of wireless earbuds over $100 really ought to include it. I know earbuds that cost under $40 that do, so to not include it here seems to be almost an insult. They use USB-C charging which IS convenient however. Beats claims they have fast charging however, in fact they call it “Fast Fuel” where just 5 minutes of charging will net you an hour of listening…I haven’t been able to check this, but I CAN state that they do seem to charge pretty quick, so that may negate some of the disappointment of not having wireless ability, but necessarily so.The case is pretty nice, too. It is quite a bit smaller than the case for the Powerbeats, but still larger than what you get with the airpods. I honestly didn’t mind the size at all, so this one is also going to be pretty subjective.For the most part, these are the first apple made earbuds that I can recommend even if you own an android device. The audio is stellar and they seem to hold a charge for about an average length of time for earbuds of this size. I rarely listen for more than about an hour, maybe 2 at the most, so I’m not the guy to look for with advice on listening at length (unless it’s for headphones, then I can make a LOT of recommendations). Honestly, I’m happy with mine. Are they perfect? No. But are they worth it? I sure think so.***UPDATE***I purchased some memory foam eartips…not sure that this was a wise decision. Not because they don’t work or fit well, but because they are slightly larger, it means fitting them back into the charging case either they won’t charge or they’ll be problematic to fit properly. Now, in all fairness, this wasn’t an issue with the smallest foam eartips, but the medium and larger ones did not like to fit back into the case. They also did not really make any noticeable difference is audio quality, so I switched back to the original tips they came with. Lesson learned.

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  4. VrunaSVrunaS

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Slightly shy of perfection

    I have been using these for two days but tested the features extensible during that time so I thought I would share my thoughts if they help anyone.I wanted a pair of good earbuds for working out as well as extensive daily use- I listen to quite a bit of music as well as podcasts while I work. I have used Bose Soundsport wireless earbuds as my go to earbuds for the past 5 years and they finally are starting to reach the end of their life. Hence I decided that this prime day would be a good day to treat my ears to something nice.Overall I love these beats fit pro. They are super comfortable as other reviewers have pointed out to the point that if I wasn’t listening to anything on the earbuds I would possibly forget they were in my ears. Even though I loved them I wasn’t convinced they were worth the price until later today when I tried earbuds that were half the price and I hated them.As far as the features go here is what I feel-PROS:1. Super comfortable!! They might as well be the most comfortable earbuds I have ever used. What is surprising is the all the tips fit my ears well and feel comfortable. Even the largest tips that came with the earbud are super comfortable and don’t feel like they are stretching my ear canal- which is something I have never experienced before.2. Super secure in the ears- the wingtips hold them snug in the ear. They don’t budge even with the most intense activity. The earbuds are super low profile against the ears and not bulky or heavy at all. This enhances their comfort even more.3. Great music quality- I tested sounds from different genres and the songs that are suppose to be bass heavy (Get Lucky by Daft Punk for eg) do have a very nice skull shaking bass but in a very good way and without sacrificing the highs and mediums. Just as a point of reference (and because great quality can be a very subjective description)- the audio quality is very comparable to the one with the Bose Soundsport wireless earphones- the bass is just a hair better though.4. Earbuds appear in “Find My”- I love that I can potentially track where my earbuds are if I every lost them as long as they have a charge. They can also play a sound using the “find my” app to help you locate them. As a person who is constantly forgetting where I put things once I am home, this is going to serve me really well!5. Love having Siri compatible with the buds- Siri reading out my messages to me the past two days has been pretty fun and useful- Siri does interrupt your audio content jot announce messages (which my Bose never did) but this also means I won’t miss urgent texts while I am at work and not staring at my phone.CONS:1. ANC: it’s not absolute or the best out there although not a very critical point for me. I jump scare easily and so having something that completely cancels all background noise is not something I desire. I mean honestly for me the ANC is good enough- it completely gets rids of all low hums and mechanical noises— I was sitting next to my loud AC and with the ANC on it was whisper quiet. But I could still hear my husband speaking when he was near me and I could still hear the songs they were playing the gym if my own music was on a lower volume. So it doesn’t completely drown out all noise if that’s what you need. Again while the ANC for these is adequate for me- the only reason I put it as a con is because at this price point and considering ANC seems to be one of their major selling points I would have thought it would be better.2. Spatial Audio- this feature just seems like a waste for me. Although it’s personal preference I guess. With this feature it seems like the sound is coming from a specific point a few inches from my face- as if I were attending a live concert and inches away from the performer/band- and if I turn my head it does seem to track pretty well in that sense. However when I listen to music I would like it to be a completely immersive experience as if the sound is coming from inside my head not a fixed point out of my body. So for me I think it’s a pretty useless setting- at least for me.3. The case seems to be open easily in a bag or purse. The magnets holding the case closed are weaker than expected. Although I am not worried about the earphones automatically falling out of the case even if the case opens. The attachment of the earbuds to the case is very strong.

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  5. theInternational

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best wireless noise cancelling earbuds I have used so far

    I am a long-time user of the Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones. These are my favorite noise cancelling option to use while taking walks. I like to listen to audio books while walking and the QuietComfort 20 are superb for this use. I also like to use a noise cancelling option while listening to audio books and podcasts in the car, especially because my car does not contain road noise well. I decided I would like to have a second QuietComfort 20 reserved for use in my car. An additional advantage to having a second one is if anything happens to the one I walk with, I’ll have a backup. But, unfortunately, Bose discontinued the QuietComfort 20 forcing me to have to find another option for use in the car.I first purchased the wireless Bose QuietComfort Earbuds. But I found much to dislike about them. They feel heavy in the ears; the buds themselves just feel heavier and less comfortable than the QuietComfort 20 Headphones. I also disliked that every time I put the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds into my ears they speak to me telling me they are trying to connect to my device and also reporting battery state. I found this incredibly annoying. Another thing I hugely disliked was that there is an uncomfortable “boom boom” sensation as I walk with them in. I wear Vibram FiveFinger shoes and do not walk with a heavy gait. I do not get this “boom boom” sensation when walking with the QuietComfort 20 headphones. I also disliked how big the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds’ case was. I disliked how the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds sometimes felt like they weren’t secure in my ears and when I would try to adjust their stability I would accidentally change the noise cancellation setting. On two occasions, an uncomfortable high pitched sound emitted from one of the buds; it only lasted for a couple seconds but it was annoying. I tried using the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds for a month and never could bring myself to like them, so I returned them. I now have a strong dislike for Bose, primarily because they discontinued my beloved QuietComfort 20 Headphones. But up until recently, I was a huge Bose fan.I purchased Apple AirPods Pro. I immediately fell in love with the H1 chip operation. But I didn’t like the color white. I also didn’t like the stalk that extends down. But I started using them thinking I had found my noise cancelling option for the car. And although the AirPods Pro delivered some “boom boom” sensation while walking, it was much much better than the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds. Then I started to become aware of a huge problem with the AirPods Pro. They would not stay in my ears. I would place them in ear, hear the noise cancellation activate and then in time the noise cancellation would turn off because one of the pods had pushed out of my ear enough to cause the noise cancellation function to disengage. I found myself constantly having to push them into my ear in an effort to keep them from pushing out. A couple times they plain fell out of my ears. I consulted instructionals on how to properly insert them into my ears for proper fit. I also did the fit test and passed the test indicating I had good seal. Only the seal wouldn’t last and the pods would eventually push out of my ears. So I had to return the AirPods Pro because they wouldn’t stay in my ears.I purchased some non noise cancelling earbuds thinking that a passive seal would be enough, but I found a number of problems with this option. I didn’t like shoving thing way into my ear. Not only was it a little uncomfortable, but I also wondered about the sanitariness of touching (e.g., foam inserts) prior to shoving them into my ear. Maybe this could lead to ear infection? Also, the amount of sound isolation was too good which diminished my situational awareness while walking and/or driving. So passive noise block earbuds weren’t solving my use need.I was worried there was no option for the car and I would not have a backup to my beloved QuietComfort 20 headphones. I really wish I could buy another pair of QuietComfort 20 headphones just to have a backup for the future. After delaying and delaying, I decided to go to the trouble to try one last option for the car: the Beats Fit Pro. Eureka!The Beats Fit Pro are fantastic! They have the H1 chip, which is awesome. They fit and feel way better than the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds and are super secure in my ears, unlike the AirPods Pro. The Beats Fit Pro feel so light to wear. I can wear them all day and there is no discomfort. They also have a button to cycle through the noise cancellation options, which I like a lot better than the tapping that was needed on the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds. I also like the button press on the Beats Fit Pro better than the stalk-squeeze on the AirPods Pro.The one edge that I might say the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds have over the others is the noise cancellation. The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds arguably provide more intense noise cancellation that results in more of a bass presence and a sense that the content being played is closer to you. However, there is a cost to this that I don’t think is worth it. The biggest cost for me was the “boom boom” sensation while walking. I don’t know exactly what is to blame for this but it completely ruins the earbuds for what I want to use them for. I found the fit and noise cancellation of the Beats Fit Pro to be better suited to my needs.I wrote this to help others in their quest to find the earbuds that work best for them. I strongly recommend giving the Beats Fit Pro a try. I like them a lot. I think many others will too.ADDENDUM (added 2022-NOV): My beloved wired Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones stopped working a few weeks ago. I purchased the wired Bose Headphones many, many years ago and used them a lot, so it was not unexpected. Fortunately, the Beats Fit Pro have been able to replace the wired Headphones for my daily walks. The Beats Fit Pro have minimal “boom boom” sensation while stepping/walking. Although the Beats Fit Pro have more “boom boom” than the wired Bose Headphones, the “boom boom” is minimal and much, much better than offered by the wireless Bose QuietComfort Earbuds. I have been using the Beats Fit Pro in cold weather lately and discovered that the physical side button on the Beats Fit Pro works fantastically when wearing a hat. For example, if I am wearing a thick knit winter hat, I can still activate the side button on the Beats Fit Pro by pushing on the outside of the hat. This can’t be done with a touch-operation “button” like found on the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds. The AirPods Pro “button” might be more difficult to operate with a hat on too. So if you are intending to use earbuds under a hat or hood, Beats Fit Pro will give you the advantage of still having full, easy use of the side button for play/pause operation from outside the hat.

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  6. me

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Good for trail running

    I’ve gone through a bunch of running earbuds over the years and these are my favorites to date. They stay in place well (although I do put a headband over my ears to make sure). Sometimes I run with just one earbud, or with both earbuds in hear-through mode. Both options work well. When wearing only one, you do get the whole audio through a single earbud.The sound quality is totally satisfactory; I’m not trying to do audiophile things with them, and the goal is to hear my music well enough while also staying aware of my surroundings.The little wings that brace inside your ears could get irritating if you really wanted to have them in all day, but for a couple of hours at a time, it’s fine.So far they have held up to hot, sweaty runs without damage, and without losing their secure placement. Occasionally they do make a little clicking sound when they get wet. (This is not an electronic sound, just a mechanical sound from the ear-earbud seal interacting with the moisture in your ear.) Sometimes this sound is mildly annoying but not a deal-breaker.They are not cheap but after several months of use and still no complaints, I am convinced they were worth it.

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  7. Etana N FieldsEtana N Fields

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Sound, Battery Life and Fit!

    As a Mom on the go I love my Beats Fit Pro’s compared to the my 🍎 brand. I like their slik design and fit. They do not fall out when working out or on a grocery run.The Beats Fit Pro have surround sound quality, they block out any other noises. They are also easy to use with one touch technology to play music/audio…pause and answer calls.Great Bluetooth connectivity to your audio devices and or cell phone.They have an excellent battery life. I only have to charge them once or twice a week for continuse use. The charging port is a common c-type which makes it convenient to charge in our sea of chargers… there is always a c type on hand.Also, I love the price…if they are in your cart don’t hesitate… buy them today!

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  8. Kevin Ramirez

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Not as comfortable as they seem.

    The Headphones have good quality noise cancellation, I enjoyed that the most along with the compact size of them. The issue with them is that I enjoy listening to music non stop, the problem with this is that depending on your ear shape and size; these headphones will hurt your ear or cause you discomfort after about 3-4 hours. Outside of this, it’s hard to connect them to your device if you don’t use Apple products. It makes it difficult to connect to android and laptops that are not Apple. They continuously disconnected from my devices from time to time, and sometimes just wouldn’t respond to Bluetooth. Along with the apple problem, I’m not sure how it works but the headphones rarely ever let you transfer connection to another device without having to reset them over and over again, but the problem doesn’t exist if you are using Apple products. It’s kind of dumb in my eyes, I never had these problems with Sony headphones or even the beats solo3 headphones I had. It’s strange. Now moving into the sound quality. The sound quality is good, honestly that’s all I can really say, there really isn’t much disturbance when moving around, I skateboard and never really had much of a problem with this. However, sometimes when the case is covered by my pockets, keep in mind my clothing is rugged and thicker than usual for skating, the sound gets choppy and sometimes cuts off completely. Now onto durability. As stated before, I skateboard a lot, so naturally I fall a lot. The best part about these headphones is that they usually never really fell out of my ears when I would fall, only really happened when I’d hit the floor hard, they never really had any problems even after all of my falling. I know that dropping headphones could cause malfunctions. I do have to explain that the malfunctions I am speaking about still happened during the first month I was using them without ever dropping them or falling with them on. My advice is Keep looking for other headphones if you are someone who finds any of these problems remotely close to your daily routine.

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  9. J. Sierra

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Wonderful sound quality, great features, but missing one important feature

    I’ll start by stating that I appreciate and recognize great quality audio, and certainly prefer the highest quality audio that I can reasonably get when I’m listening to headphones and/or earbuds. That being said, the important word here is “reasonably”, and I don’t have tremendous expectations from earbuds that are also intended for working out, etc. it’s just not reasonable to expect to compare them to over-ear headphones, in terms of quality or features. Noise cancellation, bass response, highs, mids…. Over-ear are always going to edge out earbuds. There’s just more space to make it all work.Ok that’s out of the way. I didn’t have huge expectations and I wasn’t even convinced that the buds would be worth the $150 (they were on sale when I bought them.) I’m not convinced *any* ear bud is worth more than $100, and I’ve tried some very “high-end” units.So I pulled the trigger with some hesitation, received them, charged them up, paired em to my phone after downloading the proprietary Beats app (didn’t like that, but there’s good news), popped em in (after trying the different sized ends) and went on a run (because I feel like that constant bouncing is the likeliest to cause them to fall out.)I was…. Extremely surprised. Surprised and a little impressed. Sound quality is actually really, really good… Far better than I would’ve expected from a Beats product, more akin to the high quality Sony and Technics units. There are two “modes”, sound-cancelling and transparency mode (transparency mode allows for awareness of what’s going on around you by almost enhancing ambient noise.) Noise cancellation is surprisingly good, though yes, okay, not the absolute best I’ve heard but it’s in the top 3 for ear buds, no question. It’s effective, even if it eats battery up like crazy. I appreciate transparency mode though – especially while running or biking. It’s not disturbing to have the ambient noise available and there’s a safety component there that can’t be overstated. And it works really well.Pairing them up was a little… Interesting. They’re clearly designed by and for Apple people, so if you’re rocking that Apple tech the process is probably mostly automated (that’s as advertised) but with Android you theoretically have you use a Beats app. At first that aggravated me (I really hate proprietary apps) but then the pairing failed and I discovered that I could indeed pair via Bluetooth, it’s super fast and easy, and the Beats app just gives me a handy place to activate some features/controls. I can’t speak to the Apple experience though.Charging is where I was actually disappointed enough to take a star off the product. The case is ok, has cool little magnets to keep the buds in place, but it only works as a charging station when plugged in. No wireless charging. That’s a huge miss for Beats. Huge. There are a ton of comparable products at that price profile and all of them offer wireless charging. It’s maybe not a deal breaker and they do have ok battery life but it’s… Extremely disappointing. Battery life is going to depend a lot on whether you use noise cancellation or not. Kind of a big fluctuation there, ymmv, maybe not the best but definitely far from the worst. They certainly last well beyond exercise sessions, and are capable of giving most of your day music. Again though, lack of wireless charging is blatantly, conspicuously missing. And it’s annoying because if it had wireless charging the battery life would almost become inconsequential. Fortunately, thanks to Amazon, there are actually aftermarket cases that do have wireless charging, giving you approximately three days worth of charge. It’s an extra thirty bucks so it’s something you’ll want to keep in mind/consider as part of ownership. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a deal breaker – there’s plenty of battery life – but it’s one of those things that premium buds should have. Period. And these are supposed to be premium buds.The fit is exceptionally comfortable. There are several tips that help with sealing but also support the stability in the ear while doing exercise. After a run/jog session they stayed in without any issues. Even with plenty of sweat, they were good to go. The extra little fin protrusion also contributed effectively to it staying in and in place. I would have been more surprised at this but I’ve been using ear bud hearing protection recently and they’re so light and well fitting that I know what good buds are capable of in this particular domain.The features are actually pretty neat, but mostly expected, like swapping automatically from buds to phone and back again, going single-bud with nary a hiccup, and plenty more. They’re pretty slick in functionality. The buttons are also tactile, providing a neat click; seems like a little thing but from an interface perspective it’s a surprisingly big deal, and it works really well.So, are they good? I think that they’re overpriced but I think all ear buds these days are so, grain of salt. I think they’re very very good buds, they exceeded my admittedly mid expectations, they function flawlessly and most importantly: they deliver great sound. Would I buy them for two bills? Eh…. Knowing what I know now about them and how good they are, that goes from a hard no to a soft maybe. At $150ish I think they’re a decent value. Are they better than over ear options? Not in terms of sheer quality no, but: they’re a million times better for exercise and working out. Unless you like being one of those douchey gym rats with the Beats over-ear. Then I can’t help you.For the rest of us, these are a very fine choice. Sony and Technics have offerings that actually do have intensely high quality audio, but these come close enough in terms of audio and they’re good for a sweaty, bouncy, jouncy session of your favorite exercise, whatever that might be.As always, ymmv. But hey, with Amazon if you don’t like em, you can just return them. Hopefully my review helped a little.Merry Christmas!

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  10. Sherry Young

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good sound, secure fit

    I bought these buds to replace my (1st gen) Powerbeats Pros. What I was looking for in an upgrade was better sound, better fit, and sound cancellation. The Beats Fit Pros largely delivered.I had the Powerbeats for almost 4 years, and they were fine. The sound was okay. The fit was secure, and comfortable on their own but not when wearing glasses. They were a little hard to put on, and they had a tendency for one of the buds to fail to charge that drove me crazy. So – the price reduction on the Beats Fit Pros convinced me that it was time to try something else.The Beats Fit Pros are easy to put in my ears, and plenty secure for everything I do. I have no trouble with either my long hair nor my glasses. They snap into the charging case and seem to solve the failure to charge problem.Sound and software featuresThey paired with my Apple devices flawlessly. The ear fit test was easy and helpful. Right out of the box, the sound was much like the Powerbeats. But running the quick ear scan for the adaptive eq and enabling spatial audio, set to fixed, made a huge difference. Highs sparkle, mids are clear and well separated, and it really gives a sense of soundstage that is hard to describe. Definitely keeping these.Sound CancellationI really don’t have anything to compare the degree of sound cancellation to. The Powerbeats didn’t have any, and my last attempt was with the original implementation by Bose, which really did not work for me. I heard a distinct buzz or hiss that degraded sound quality and I felt a headache-inducing pressure, so I stopped buying the tech. Since that was literally decades ago, I decided to try out the new tech. So, the caveats to this section are that I cannot compare them to the AirPods Pro 2 (supposedly better than the Beats) or the AirPods Pro 1 (supposedly not as good). Also, I live in a cabin in the woods and don’t have a lot of noise to cancel. My overall impression was that the effect of the noise cancellation was – subtle. I ran two tests. First, I used the buds with some kind of power tool being used on a construction site about 100 yards away. It was loud enough to be annoying with the buds out. Just putting them in my ears accomplished some passive isolation. As you would expect, turning on ANC made the volume lower, and Transparency made the volume louder. With no music playing, I could hear the noise in all three modes. Playing music, the noise completely disappeared. The second test was in my living room with the tv on. The results were the same. I am satisfied with the sound cancellation on these buds. They don’t hiss or buzz, they don’t produce a sensation of pressure, and they remain comfortable after a few hours of use. I think whether the sound cancellation is good enough for you will depend on what sound you are trying to cancel and what other products you have tried.The one glaring flaw that prevented my giving them 5 stars is the way volume control works. First, the physical buttons can be used for EITHER volume control or changing noise cancellation modes. Whichever one is not chosen can be controlled by the phone or by Siri. I think the whole purpose of these bud is for activities where you don’t want to be carrying/looking at your phone. Siri works (sometimes) but there is an annoying lag. Also, using Siri to move volume up and down is slow, hard to predict the amount of change, and requires spoken commands, often repeated ones. Not ideal in many situations. Also, if you set the button to control volume, they are “fiddley”. There is a lag before adjustment begins, and it is then hard to stop it where you want it. Seriously, the one control I most use when listening to music is volume control. It needs to be done right. The Beats Fit Pro implementation is a big step down from the physical controls on the Powerbeats.Overall, I like these buds and am going to keep them. Should you buy them? Speculation is that the second generation is coming late 2023 or early 2024. Speculation is that they will get the superior sound cancellation currently available on the AirPods Pro 2. Will they get the upgraded “Find My” capability? Will they finally fix the volume control issue? No one knows. So, as always with tech, the decision to buy or wait depends on what you have now, how important potential improvements are to you, and how confident you are with feature and timing predictions.

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