SAMSUNG Galaxy S23 Ultra Cell Phone

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About this item CAPTURE THE NIGHT IN LOW LIGHT: Whether you’re headed to a concert or romantic night out, there’s no such thing as bad lighting with Night Mode; Galaxy S23 Ultra lets you capture epic content in any setting with stunning Nightography.Aperture – Rear: 200MP (f/1.7), 12MP (f/2.2), 10MP (f/2.4), 10MP (f/4.9), Front: 12MP (f/2.2). Flaw Detection : Yes. Wireless Powershare : Yes..Peak Brightness 1750 nits HIGHEST PHONE CAMERA RESOLUTION: Create crystal-clear content worth sharing with Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 200MP camera — the highest camera resolution on a phone; Whether you’re posting or printing, Galaxy S23 Ultra always does the moment justice STUNNINGLY SMOOTH VIDEO: Capture incredibly smooth video during life’s most exciting moments; With Video Stabilization, this smartphone easily records daytime outdoor adventures or those spur-of-the-moment dance parties at night WRITE, DRAW, CREATE w/ S PEN: Whether you’re in Samsung Note, Microsoft Office or Google Suite, with the built-in S Pen, you can convert handwriting to text, share your creations live and keep everything on your Galaxy S23 Ultra device SNAP PICS w/ S PEN: Capture epic selfies and beautiful photos with the click of your S Pen; Simply open up the camera app and click the button on the S Pen instead of the screen; Getting that great shot just got easier FASTEST MOBILE PROCESSOR AVAILABLE: Whether you’re working hard, playing hard or doing both at the same time, smoothly switch between apps with our fastest processor ever UNLOCK SMOOTH GAMING: Game at full throttle and smoothly switch between apps; Get more done with our fastest processor ever combined with massive internal storage; And if you’re on the move, keep going with a screen that adapts to your environment
BATTERY THAT POWERS YOUR DAY: Power through a packed day* or long night of gaming without worrying about your phone dying; The robust 5,000mAh battery has been fine-tuned with a smarter processor that helps manage energy usage without slowing you down MORE STORAGE. MORE MEMORIES: You’re good on storage space; With an impressive amount of storage, starting at 256GB, you can enjoy being behind the camera without the stress that comes with getting close to filling up your phone ADAPTIVE DISPLAY: Watch your content comfortably as Adaptive Vision Booster helps your screen adapt to your environment; Whether out in direct sunlight or in bed with the lights off, the contrast on Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s expansive screen still looks amazing Show more


SAMSUNG Galaxy S23 Ultra Cell Phone

Product Dimensions 7 x 3.34 x 1 inches

Item Weight 8.3 ounces

Batteries 1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

OS Android 13.0


Connectivity technologies Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, NFC

GPS True

Special features Water resistant

Other display features Wireless

Human Interface Input Touchscreen, Microphone, Buttons, Touchscreen with Stylus Support

Other camera features Rear, Front

Form Factor Bar

Color Phantom Black

Battery Power Rating 5000

Whats in the box SIM Tray Ejector, USB Cable, Stylus

Manufacturer SAMSUNG

Memory Storage Capacity 256 GB

Standing screen display size 6.8 Inches

Ram Memory Installed Size 8 Gigabytes Per Second

Battery Capacity 5000 Milliamp Hours

Weight 234 Grams

Charging Time 59 minutes


Model Name Galaxy S23 Ultra

Wireless Carrier Unlocked for All Carriers

Operating System Android 13.0

Cellular Technology 5G

Memory Storage Capacity 256 GB

Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, NFC

Color Phantom Black

Screen Size 6.8 Inches

Wireless network technology GSM, CDMA, LTE

About this item CAPTURE THE NIGHT IN LOW LIGHT: Whether you’re headed to a concert or romantic night out, there’s no such thing as bad lighting with Night Mode; Galaxy S23 Ultra lets you capture epic content in any setting with stunning Nightography.Aperture – Rear: 200MP (f/1.7), 12MP (f/2.2), 10MP (f/2.4), 10MP (f/4.9), Front: 12MP (f/2.2). Flaw Detection : Yes. Wireless Powershare : Yes..Peak Brightness 1750 nits HIGHEST PHONE CAMERA RESOLUTION: Create crystal-clear content worth sharing with Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 200MP camera — the highest camera resolution on a phone; Whether you’re posting or printing, Galaxy S23 Ultra always does the moment justice STUNNINGLY SMOOTH VIDEO:

Capture incredibly smooth video during life’s most exciting moments; With Video Stabilization, this smartphone easily records daytime outdoor adventures or those spur-of-the-moment dance parties at night WRITE, DRAW, CREATE w/ S PEN: Whether you’re in Samsung Note, Microsoft Office or Google Suite, with the built-in S Pen, you can convert handwriting to text, share your creations live and keep everything on your Galaxy S23 Ultra device SNAP PICS w/ S PEN: Capture epic selfies and beautiful photos with the click of your S Pen; Simply open up the camera app and click the button on the S Pen instead of the screen; Getting that great shot just got easier FASTEST MOBILE PROCESSOR AVAILABLE: Whether you’re working hard, playing hard or doing both at the same time, smoothly switch between apps with our fastest processor ever

UNLOCK SMOOTH GAMING: Game at full throttle and smoothly switch between apps; Get more done with our fastest processor ever combined with massive internal storage; And if you’re on the move, keep going with a screen that adapts to your environment BATTERY THAT POWERS YOUR DAY: Power through a packed day* or long night of gaming without worrying about your phone dying; The robust 5,000mAh battery has been fine-tuned with a smarter processor that helps manage energy usage without slowing you down MORE STORAGE. MORE MEMORIES: You’re good on storage space; With an impressive amount of storage, starting at 256GB, you can enjoy being behind the camera without the stress that comes with getting close to filling up your phone ADAPTIVE DISPLAY: Watch your content comfortably as Adaptive Vision Booster helps your screen adapt to your environment; Whether out in direct sunlight or in bed with the lights off, the contrast on Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s expansive screen still looks amazing Show more

S Series has a legacy of pushing the boundaries of what a smartphone can do. And with Galaxy S23 Ultra, we’re raising that bar again. Galaxy S23 Ultra is more than the next big step in mobile tech. With the highest camera resolution on a phone and stunning Night Mode powered by Nightography, you can share those big moments no matter the lighting. Plus, with the fastest Snapdragon processor yet, juggle high-intensity games, multiple apps or video calls with ease. Write, sketch, edit, create and share from anywhere with a built-in S Pen.

And do all of the above on an incredibly large display built for gaming, streaming, creating and doing. Enhance your day-to-day with a device that’s anything but ordinary and share the epic with Galaxy S23 Ultra. Whether you’re having a video meeting with your team or your friends, use Google Meet to start a video chat on your Tab** and then continue the call on your phone as you head out the door. *Based on average battery life under typical usage conditions. Average expected performance based on typical use. Actual battery life depends on factors such as network, features selected, frequency of calls, and voice, data, and other application usage patterns. Results may vary. **Requires devices to have One UI 2.5 or later. Must be logged into the same Google account and Google Meet app must be activated on each device.

Additional information

Product Dimensions

7 x 3.34 x 1 inches

Item Weight

8.3 ounces



Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

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6,399 ratings

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4.6 out of 5 stars


Android 13.0


8 GB

Connectivity technologies

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, NFC



Special features

Water resistant

Other display features


Human Interface Input

Touchscreen, Microphone, Buttons, Touchscreen with Stylus Support

Other camera features

Rear, Front

Form Factor



Phantom Black

Battery Power Rating


Whats in the box

SIM Tray Ejector, USB Cable, Stylus



Date First Available

February 1, 2023

Memory Storage Capacity

256 GB

Standing screen display size

6.8 Inches

Ram Memory Installed Size

8 Gigabytes Per Second

Battery Capacity

5000 Milliamp Hours


234 Grams

Charging Time

59 minutes



Model Name

Galaxy S23 Ultra

Wireless Carrier

Unlocked for All Carriers

Operating System

Android 13.0

Cellular Technology


Connectivity Technology

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, NFC

Screen Size

6.8 Inches

Wireless network technology


60 reviews for SAMSUNG Galaxy S23 Ultra Cell Phone

  1. goldenrod

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Hands down the best Android phone

    I like both iPhones and Android phones for different reasons and keep both in the family. The Samsung S23 is the best Android phone I’ve ever used, and that includes recent offerings from OnePlus, Google, Motorola and LG.Having used both phablet-style phones and smaller devices, I find myself gravitating toward the smaller S23. For me, it’s just easier to grip, lighter and much easier to put in a pocket.Usually you have to sacrifice something between either speed or battery life. I’m happy to say this phone is both super speedy and has fabulous battery life despite the smaller size of the battery compared to the phablets. I can easily get through a day of moderate to heavy use, up to two days if my usage is a bit lighter.The screen is the best I’ve used on any phone, including the latest iPhone 15 Pro. It just has a pop to it with vibrant colors that don’t feel overdone. Samsung’s Android customizations are excellent and very helpful overall. Some complain about software bloat on Samsung phones, but this unlocked version doesn’t seem to be loaded down.I’m not a camera expert, but in casual use, I find the camera on the Samsung S23 to be right up there with the iPhone 15 Pro. They are both very high quality cameras. You won’t be disappointed.

    44 people found this helpful

  2. A. HansA. Hans

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    The Galaxy S23+: A Smartphone That Truly Delivers

    I recently purchased the Galaxy S23+ and I must say, it has exceeded all my expectations. This phone is a game-changer in every sense of the word. Let me tell you why.First and foremost, the camera quality is absolutely stunning. With Night Mode, I can capture breathtaking photos even in low-light conditions. Whether I’m at a concert or enjoying a romantic night out, the Galaxy S23+ never fails to deliver epic content.The 50MP high-resolution camera ensures that every photo I take is crystal-clear and worth sharing. Whether I’m posting on social media or printing my favorite memories, the Galaxy S23+ always does the moment justice.But it’s not just about the camera. The Galaxy S23+ boasts the fastest mobile processor available, allowing me to switch between apps smoothly and effortlessly. Whether I’m working hard, playing hard, or doing both at the same time, this phone keeps up with my demands.Gaming on this device is an absolute delight. With the fastest processor ever combined with massive internal storage, I can game at full throttle without any lag or interruptions. The screen adapts to my environment, ensuring a seamless gaming experience no matter where I am.Battery life is another standout feature of the Galaxy S23+. With its impressive 4,700mAh battery, I can confidently binge-watch my favorite shows, game for hours on end, or surf the web without worrying about my phone dying on me.Storage space is something I never have to worry about with this phone. Starting at 256GB, the Galaxy S23+ offers ample storage for all my photos, videos, and apps. I can enjoy being behind the camera without the stress of running out of space.The adaptive display is a game-changer for me. Thanks to Adaptive Vision Booster, the screen adapts to my environment, ensuring optimal viewing comfort whether I’m out in direct sunlight or snuggled up in bed with the lights off. The contrast on the Galaxy S23+’s expansive screen always looks amazing.Collaboration is made easy with this device. Whether I’m having a video meeting with my team or catching up with friends, I can start a video chat on my Tab using Google Meet and seamlessly continue the call on my phone as I head out the door.Lastly, quick sharing has never been easier. With Quick Share, I can send even my largest files between Galaxy devices effortlessly. Whether it’s cute puppy videos or work documents, sharing files has never been more convenient.In conclusion, if someone is looking for a smartphone that truly delivers on all fronts, look no further than the Galaxy S23+. From its exceptional camera capabilities to its lightning-fast performance and long-lasting battery life, this phone has it all.

    30 people found this helpful

  3. Fiona Scales

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very pricey, but great.

    It fits in my front pants pockets. I came from a S21 and only charge to 85% to preserve the battery, that was cutting it close for a full day of use. The battery management in the s23 ultra is great, after two weeks of use even better, only charging to 85% I can get 1 1/2 to 2 days. I don’t game, but watch video. The screen clarity is as perfect. The camera’s are great, I did fiddle with settings based on my usage. The s21 was pretty good, until I started using this, which is much better for me with the additional cameras and screen size. Great larger Screen, Battery, Camera and obviously speed.

    8 people found this helpful

  4. Lili

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    3 months later…

    I’m an apple user 100%, an as Apple user I rate this s23: 5*. For its price and quality. Its my 2nd android phone, last being Samsung note 3, and this phone is really good in all aspects. I haven’t dealt any issue with it like running apps or any crashes. Everything runs smoothly and camera quality is excellent, even better than Apple phones.It was really a nice change from the apple series and getting this android was a test to compare my apple phone. They are different but android provides more features than iphone does in my opinion. However the only thing the face recognition is not that great on the samsung, compared to phones that’s quick. However I do like the fingerprint, and miss that feature on iphones.For apple users, I say this is a pretty good phone. But like me who has apple watch, ipad pro, laptop, air pods, etc~ I say if you have all those, stick with apple phones since their compatible with one another. But if you don’t have all those and you want to change up, go for s23.Lastly, go for s23 then s24, if you’re unsure as an apple user, s23 is still good and cheaper. There isn’t much difference between them other than design and their Ai features, that s23 ( and other phone that are compatible too for the update) will get later on.Ps I’m only saying this to Apple users who want to change from apple to android^

    3 people found this helpful

  5. DSY

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    4.5 Star Phone

    Samsung knows what its doing.Pro’s: Battery life, performance, UI, screen, software upgrades, charging speed, size, supportMeh: CameraCon’s: NoneI owned the S23+ for 10 months. It is completely reliable and a great daily driver. Battery & charging was excellent, performance was superb, and One UI is now better than the stock Pixel launcher. I never had battery anxiety. It’s a great phone to travel with or use for work. It’s an overall excellent phone.I just exchanged it for a Pixel 8 Pro. The only reason that I switched is because I can’t get behind Samsungs idea of picture quality. Many people like how they process pictures which is why I gave the phone a perfect score. I just like the Pixel’s toned down and natural look better.

    15 people found this helpful

  6. K.W.

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    I love this phone!!!

    Don’t listen to the one star haters. This phone is great. The screen is large and very bright. The UI is snappy and the battery lasts all day. I average over 9 hours of screen on time. That is impressive given the size and brightness of the screen. Takes roughly an hour to charge from 10% to 100% using an Anker 45 watt fast charger.Was able to upgrade to Android 14/One UI 6 after initial setup. Smart Switch was able to transfer all my apps, messages and photos as well. It even transfered active logins for certain apps. Which was nice.Stereo speakers are nothing special. They sound exactly like the speakers from the cheap A series phones. Not really a big deal to me as they are perfectly fine for videos. The speakers are not very good for music so I use my Galaxy buds or a Bluetooth speaker.Lastly, the fingerprint scanner that others have complained about. It takes some getting used to. It’s a bit frustrating initially but once you get the muscle memory down it unlocks I’d say about 98% of the time on the first attempt. Train as many prints as possible. It definitely helps. Also, turn on increased touch sensitivity in settings.This phone is definitely worth it. The flat screen is nice and the size is perfect. It definitely has some heft. Making it feel premium. Which can’t be said of the A series of phones.If you are on the fence, just get it. You won’t regret it.

    16 people found this helpful

  7. VR

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    big step up from my lg23+

    This phone is huge and weighs in a good bit more than my last phone. Battery life seems to be about the same as what I had. Lots to be said about this phone.Camera is pretty dang nice. There are some strange ‘glitches’ when it transfers between lenses. Even though this is Android and I have been using Android, there is a ton to learn to use the camera.Screen is very clean and nice.Finger print reader with a screen protector is kind of hit and miss. The detectors is behind the screen. Not sure how they work that magic but its kind of cool. Make sure you set your pin first.Reception. This seems to be pretty good on t mobile. I was able to just take my sim card from my old phone and insert it into this phone… no need to go to the store to transfer the account. Copied the data from my old phone using a usb cable in 10ish minutes. No problems there.All the critical apps seem to be working like before. Some needed to be re-setup. Had to reconnect to our WIFI networks.Very disappointed that you cannot use a micro-SD card. Especially when you see the price difference to get something like 1T of storage. Its a bit ridiculous to have a 200 M pixel camera and not allow for user supplied storage. In fact, its really really lame.The weight and size of the camera takes a bit to get used to. Its only like an inch longer and 1/3 inch wider, but wow what a difference that makes.The speaker(s) are really good. There is kind of a spatial sound on this phone.The phone is pretty fast for everything I have done, processor wise.The s-pen its really cool…i have been using it as a remote trigger for the phone.The phone surface is pretty slick (as in a little slippery) so I highly recommend a case.Magsafe is a cool feature. There is a magnetic attachment point over the wireless charging. With the right case, you can do several things with this, like attach a second battery with no wires, just by placing it behind the case. You can add a kick-stand, wallet, etc.Customization is pretty solid on the phone. Seems like you can customize pretty much anything.Blutooth pairing is pretty simple and have had no problems here.Overall, this is a good phone. Plan on taking a week or so to explore all the different features.

    44 people found this helpful

  8. Jim

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    This is an amazing device

    This device is perfect for most people. I’m not really into huge phones so I got the smallest size – which was the Samsung S23. After having this phone for several months, I got some strong opinionsFirst, this device has really good camera quality for most people. There is often this superstition that android phones have bad camera quality, but for my daily use this is perfect. Sometimes the camera has a hard time focusing on objects up close, and may have a slight shutter lag when taking pictures, but these are concerns which only matter to photographers. The phone camera also comes with 8k 30fps, which isn’t needed for most people, but it exists in case you need to knowSecond, the fingerprint sensor is mid. I had a hard time with the fingerprint sensor (may have been because of my screen protector), but I found ways to overcome the difficulty. The first thing I did was re-register my fingerprint when the screen protector was on, and record several instances of my finger. The sensor, despite being ultrasonic, may take a while to recognize the fingerprint. It may also get some time before you get used to the sensor, as it may take a while the first couple of weeks.Lastly, the display is AMAZING. Having upgraded from a 2 year device, I thought the display would only be a slight improvement. But no, it comes with 60-120hz display and I have seen almost zero lag when watching videos or playing games. (Btw this phone plays high performance games like genshin impact like a boss).This is easily a phone which I would give a 10/10. After getting used to this device, the drawbacks don’t really matter or become relevant.

    12 people found this helpful

  9. Mr. Eddie S.Mr. Eddie S.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Awesome Phone

    Firstly I was pretty skeptical of purchasing an unlocked phone never owning one before but so far this device has been nothing but first class performance. The only issue I have had so far is with getting this masterpiece to do wifi calling, but I have this same problem with my Galaxy S20 Plus and was able to figure out how to get it working and I have high hopes that the same will happen here. I have tried the moon zoom and it was spectacular. I love the size of this phone though I wish Samsung had at least made it the same size as the Galaxy S22 Ultra which is 6.9 inches, but however I can still work with 6.8 inches. I love the bigger screen phones because they are better for conducting business on the go and of course videos, movies and photography. Love the brightness of the screen and need I not mention the S Pen which I always wanted. Though it’s true that this phone is pretty expensive, still, all in all it’s worth every single penny for everything thing that has been put into it including hours of labor and time. I didn’t want to upgrade my Galaxy S20 Plus this soon, but after seeing the moon zoom and the fact that this phone featured the popular S Pen, I have no other choice but to dive in, besides life is too short to not have the things we work hard for, so with that said I pampered myself to this device that I hope to have for many years to come. I seen in the reviews where someone stated that the phone will not charge past 85 percent. Go to settings, battery and device care followed by battery and then more battery setting and turn off the protect battery setting if you want your device to charge the entire 100 percent. However keep in mind that keeping this setting turned on increase the life of your battery when it only charges to 85 percent. Sound quality has also improved once again in this device and that is something that I love as well. I guess the even better part is the updates that is going to hopefully follow to put the icing on the cake because, as far as the hardware….. it’s all there. Samsung has even stepped up their game and threw in McAfee on this one, so with that said, I stepped mine’s up as well and bought the package deal from McAfee that will protect up to 10 devices. People, you ain’t going to get better than this. This phone is super fast. I’m going to miss the memory card slot but just like the headphones port, I’ll get over it quickly for all that this phone packs, I say so long memory card slot, welcome home Galaxy S23 Ultra.Update: 5/28/23.After having this phone longer, I’ve discovered more about it. The Bluetooth feature in this device is much faster than the one on my S20 Plus. My Galaxy Watch now connects instantly, where in my S20 Plus it took a few seconds to connect. I have been loving this phone so much that I have decided to replace the original plastic S Pen that came with it with the aluminum one to do my own part of keeping high-end products matched up with high-end products as I did with the case, going with the Otterbox Defender series pro case for this baby. I’ve heard people mention having dropped calls on Samsung phones, however I have not experienced that in this device this far into ownership. The photo of the Cellular Tower I took using the camera on this phone was taken from about a mile and some change away and I was zoomed to around 30mm out of 100, just to give you a better idea of what the camera on this device can do. I am very tickle with the benchmark results of this device, very, very beautiful results. Still waiting to see what it will do with a full moon not to mention the very popular “Super Moon”. After using this phone for nearly two months now I still must say that it has been an amazing experience. I have also noticed where some are unfairly reviewing the phone, either you have a defective device or is not doing something right. The battery should be no less than 5 stars, and I personally would give it 10 stars if I could for being a perfect 10. I have gotten at least 4 days out of my phone off a single charge, I have also noticed where the fingerprint scanner got an unfair low rating, again if you use it right it will work right. Since setting this area of the phone up I have not once had any problems with the fingerprint scanner picking up my fingerprint, even when I have done it snappy it has never failed to work. So far on this device, I have not experienced any of the dropped calls that I hear about since the very moment I inserted my sim card into this phone. At last, I was able to take a few photos of the popular supermoon. Wasn’t that clear of an evening here but I still must say that the camera on this phone did an awesome job capturing it at 230mm and around 7mp.

    111 people found this helpful

  10. CrossboneV

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Top of the line

    I will dislose upfront that I am likely an android fanboy, whose never had an iphone. However, I did seriously consider switching right before getting this S23 Ultra. Heres why I ultimattely went with Samsung this time.I have stuck with android, and used many over the years. Droid Razr, Nexus6P, Pixel2, Xperia I 3. I am familiar with and like the useability of android. Just how it is. MAIN USE: It was important to me I get a phone that can meet my goals of retaining media. I was able to move all my music files and photos collections rather easily to the S23. About 2400 songs, and favorite pics and videos from all my phones. It would have likely been a nightmare if I switched to iphone. Something about needing itunes or whatever, on a PC. No thanks. And i use a 3rd party music app and bam, phone is my main music collection.In my research, and knowing full well, Samsung is the android leader that Pixel wants to be. I have no illwill toward them, just acknowledging Google desperately trying to catch up. Samsung has the specs, the hardware, and top camera above all. They have the brand too stand behind as well.CAMERA: I love how great the camera works. It really shines when outdoors is good lighting. Videos come out crystal clear. I know some of my iphone friends may have taken a doubletake at the quality when seeing for themseelves. Has slowmo, superslow mo, wide angle, zoom, you name it. SHots still come out great even zoomed. Not blurry like my previous phones with a zoom lens.BATTERY: S23 is fast charging when using the right cable and plugin charger, otherwise slow trickles if using a “slow” one. Battery seems to last me 2 days, but I do not use my phone 24/7 on super brightness. It would last longer if I didnt use it at all during work, but I tend to play music so of course.SCREEN: Its a nice big display alright. Not 100% sure, but i think bigger than newest big ihpone? Nice and bright and clear. Phone is fast, and works well.THE BAD: Here re my legit criticisms of this phone. NO headphone jack. I know its old tech, but having nice wired phones be relegated to pc use is meh. No SD card slot. As media focused as I am, I hate that sd card slots have been phased out. BRING THE SD CARD SLOT BACK.OVERALL: This S23 Is a great phone. Despite the industry ditching sd cards and headphone jacks. IMO, likely the best android brand today. Pixel would likely be the close 2nd place. This S23 is frequently on sale due to the next Galaxies coming out, and is ultimately still cheaper than comparable iphone equivalents. If you want top of the line, its this.

    20 people found this helpful

  11. Holly Mapelwood

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    I have had this phone for about six months and it is the best phone I have ever had. It outclasses my previous S9+ by leaps and bounds. It also has a camera that out performs current Apple phones. The S23 Ultra feels like a phone from 2-3 years in the future, like it has skipped a generation of models. The display is quick and beautifully detailed. The battery has a good capacity, suiting the phone’s power consumption, so you do not need to charge it more than daily. But the most phenomenal aspect is the camera! Take a photo in the 200megapixel mode and view it in Gallery. You can zoom in to your heart’s content, the photos are perfect, crisp, and vivid. The file size (7mb-115mb) created by the camera necessitates a large storage capacity that is available in this phone. The S23 Ultra is awesome!

  12. Derrick H.

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    One grand for a phone and I still have to buy a charger???

    I’ve had this phone a day so I obviously haven’t had it long enough to give a full, educated review of it. I’m writing this review because I will most likely be returning it.First off, I’m coming from an iPhone SE and you could easily hide that phone inside this one. I knew it was big, but this might be too big.Coming from iPhone where everything is intuitive, I am struggling to do even basic stuff on this phone like see the weather without having to just look it up in a browser. A lot of this stuff is to be expected and I don’t knock off points for not knowing the UI. It just feels like it could be a little easier for new Android users to figure things out. The absence of a home button will take a lot of getting used to.The fingerprint scanner works great. So great that I had my wife try to open my phone using her print, which it didn’t work. It’s just sometimes I can barely touch the scanner and it will open. I think this is great. I haven’t set up face recognition as it’s a feature I just can’t see messing with.I thought that it being an Android phone, using Google apps would be seamless. But I’m having to log into each Gmail account and re-log any time I log out, even though on the computer, I’m logged into all of my Google accounts and can switch between them easily. Same with YouTube. So far, this phone is acting like it’s day one every time I want to switch to another account.Battery life has been good so far. It had 50% when it arrived and it’s down to 42% after almost 24 hours. But battery life on all new phones is miraculous, though. A year from now, it will struggle to make it 4 hours of heavy use without needed topped up. But topping up isn’t something Samsung thought about as you don’t even get a charger included. I won’t be able to charge this phone until my I order or go buy a charger. I didn’t see this when I bought it, so I’m to blame for that ignorance, but when I read it was to cut down on e-waste, I knew that was a load of bull. It’s the same reason my wife’s Kia didn’t come with a spare tire: everything is a-la-cart these days. My old device, packaging, charger and phone case are now waste, but you’re concerned about ONLY the charger? I can’t reuse my charger. Because Apple has to be a special snowflake and use lightning. Which they are doing away with I believe, so I would have had to buy a new charger even with Apple because everyone is moving to this new format of giving you most of the things you need, but not everything.The phone is good I guess. It looks amazing. You set the resolution between 720, 1080, or 1440 to save on battery. It’s snappy and fast. Calls are clear but I was on Wi-Fi at the time so who knows what it sounds like out in the wild. Plenty of customization options ofc. I like that it has a reboot option instead of power off only like the SE had. The problem is, unless I’m doing it wrong, the button combo to power it down, is the same as taking a screenshot. I’ve taken quite a few needless screenshots while trying to master the timing to get to the power down/reboot option to pop up. Supposedly you can take screenshots by waving your palm across the face, but even after enabling this feature (which is off by default and in your s-pen settings), I haven’t been able to make it work even once.I’d say this phone is powerful enough for desktop gaming and probably has a lot of content available for it, but this charger thing that everyone is moving to needs to be pushed back against.Having customers buy a charger from a 3rd party doesn’t cut down on waste, it just fattens their profit margin.

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  13. Straticus

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent Smartphone

    I’ve used this smartphone for several months & am very satisfied with it. I don’t like big phones & was happy to learn that Samsung kept this version of the S23 at the same dimensions of the J3 that it replaced. I knew going in that it has a sealed battery, so I treat it as carefully as I can regarding when to charge, etc. I, like most others, wish the battery charge lasted longer, but I only have to charge it every 2-3 days given my light usage of primarily family texting & a rare phone call. I find the display to be sharp & readable & the limited audio features I use are excellent. All & all, I’m very pleased with the phone.

  14. Raven

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Like it

    Facial recognition is total garbage. I reset it several times and it still barely works. No changes. No makeup, glasses on, no different hair styles. The fingerprint scan also doesn’t work at all. I do have a cover on it that’s cleared to work with fingerprints, but it still won’t read it and barely read it prior to the cover anyway.Not a fan of the edge screen limitations. My old phone had two rows and a lot more space for edge stuff, but this is only one row and I don’t really like that. Overally, I love everything else about it so far.

  15. A. Bombac

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    I mean what is this camera though?! But also know this:

    Okay okay so you know what you’re buying this phone for: the camera. Or perhaps lots of other reasons too, but hot dang, the camera though. I’d say as a professional DSLR photographer that this is as close as it gets to having pro capabilities on a phone, but that it’s still not quite there yet. On a DSLR you’ve got quite a big dynamic range of light and dark and color and everything in between that gets snapped with a photo, whereas on this phone it’s probably cut in half… but it’s still the best dang thing we’ve got in the form of a phone. I find myself actually snapping more phone pics than Nikon DSLR pics these days honestly, since I bought this thing.Otherwise? Processing power is bar-none speedy as. Far better than the iPhones I’ve been toting everywhere for years. Interface is easy to figure out, even if you’re indoctrinated to the Apple world. Storage space is big (on the 512GB), and I back up on MS OneDrive, so it’s no biggie anyway. Lots of apps to choose from since Android is kinda like how Windows is to OSX in terms of what’s available to you. Screen is a monster which is awesome for visibility and workability, but is still just fine in a standard pocket and doesn’t feel cumbersome. Wi-fi adapter is snappy. S-Pen is super cool! Audio is bomber.I suppose my only complaints are:(1) that the ‘adaptive brightness’ mode is obnoxious in that it does work well to alter screen brightness per lighting situation but it sucks that the brightest the phone can get is only available in that particular mode… so if you’re in changing lighting situations and you’re annoyed that it won’t just be bright all the time, deal with it. This is the pits with certain photography situations when under shadowfall.(2) The phone wants to automatically send text messages via RCS or whatever which is wi-fi only and so sometimes if you or the recipient is not on wi-fi at the moment the text fails to send. Sometimes you have no idea when this has happened until later when you see a note that ‘message has failed to send.’ Ugh. You can however set options in text threads to ‘SMS only’ which is via 4G only.(3) This isn’t really an issue with the product so much as an issue with current tech, but a sort of ‘buyer beware’ notice: the aperture on these phone cameras is so shallow that it compares like a candle to the sun in terms of all around image focus per phone to DSLR quality. I will say I am tremendously impressed with how far phone cameras have come, but that it is still wounding that phones can’t overcome this obstacle.Anyway, buy this thing. You will NOT regret buying this thing. That is all.

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  16. Ashley E. Peterson

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Love the Stylus and Great Battery

    I really love this phone so far. The stylus is my favorite which I use to play some puzzle games on my phone. The battery lasts all day and features are nice. I love the digital processor to take photos. I wish the night mode photos were a little better but it’s not bad. I wish the edges of the screen weren’t as curved because it makes it hard to keep the screen protected.

  17. CozyLinny

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love the lavender

    Larger than my old phone but still comfortable to hold. The pen makes notes and certain games easier as it allows for precision. The phone holds a charge for a couple days even with moderate use. The selection of colors was awesome and I got my favorite color. The fingerprint still works even with a screen protector on.

  18. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Wonderful Phone

    I’m still learning some of the newer functions, but overall, this is a wonderful phone. Very fast and great battery life.

  19. Eric Davis

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    It’s okay

    I like its new. Seller sent out new. And arrived quick. But is it worth 1000 bucks probably not. Phones are way over priced now days. Everything so far working like it should. It’s little faster than old phone and camera quality is better. Still messing with it figuring things out. I don’t like at this price it comes with very little. Comes with c cord but nothing you can plug in wall or car with to charge it. That’s all I have for now.

  20. Nika Jack

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    My favorite purchase so far. Obsessed with the camera quality and overall performance of the phone. I literally take pictures of everything.

  21. Stephen

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Great camera, not so good operating system

    I bought this phone after having iPhones for 8 years in protest to Apple’s overreliance to China. After 7 months with this S23 Ultra, here are my observations.-Camera is simply awesome. It can do anything you need it to, anywhere and in any lighting.-Battery life is great for such a big phone. One day of normal use leaves me with 40-50% battery when put on the charger at night.-Screen clarity is very good.-Will not sync with my Chevy truck. Apparently, this is an ongoing problem with the droid platform that I did not know about until using this phone.-Bixby, the Samsung version of Siri, is very intrusive. Makes random calls to people in my contacts and will take over the screen sometimes when I’m using the phone. When I opted out of Bixby, I was told it would take a week to deactivate. Why? So Bixby can take it’s time harvesting more of my information???-Face recognition is so bad, I stopped using that feature.-Speaker is pretty good.I had high hopes for this phone, but it did not deliver. Not sure if I’ll go back to an iPhone or try another droid.

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  22. Harry D Robinett

    5.0 out of 5 stars



  23. Sum Ting Wong

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Very solid flagship phone

    I got this phone on sale, $200 off, 256gb version. Samsung doesnt offer a 128gb version on the ultra, which is bogus in my opinion. Amazon prime offered same day shipping, which was nice. Phone arrived intact and fine. No problems with shipping.The build quality of the S23 Ultra is very solid and feels good in the hands. The matte finish on the back is very nice and smooth, leaves no fingerprints. The screen feels really good and smooth. The s pen is nice to have, but I find that I dont use it that much. Its nice when taking photos you can set up the phone and press the s pen button to take the photo when youre ready. Speaking of the camera, the photos are excellent quality. This phone is equipped with a 200mp camera, which takes some very detailed and clear photos. I would say this phone has the best camera compared to every other phone. This phone is equipped with a 5000 mah battery, which lasts the whole day. The fingerprint sensor works 98% of the time, when my hand is very dry it doesnt work as well. I havent tested facial recognition yet so I cant speak on that. The screen is 120 hz, and looks and feels very smooth.The android skin this phone uses, OneUI, is one of the better android skins on the market. The customization of this phone is way better than IOS in my opinion, you can do so much more. One thing I dislike about the os is that after every time i swipe up to exit an app, the samsung quick access wallet app pops up in place of the spot where I use to swipe to exit apps. I find this very annoying and I’m not sure where to disable it. One other thing I dislike is this phone requires you to have two different accounts with Google and Samsung, whereas with iPhone, all you need is an icloud account.Screen protectors are hard to put on this phone because of the curved edges, so be mindful of that.Overall, this is a VERY solid flagship device, if youre in the market for a new cell phone, this is the phone to buy.

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  24. FLADAWG01

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Black Friday Deal and Price

    Since it has only been a few days, I hope all this stays true.Pro’s: Unlocked, nice screen and visuals, finger print reader so far so good, nice they allow a code as well just in case. Battery life so far is excellent getting 2 to 2.5 days on a charge and I use this always. Transfer of data from my old S8 to this was seamless, took about 40 minutes. Had to run to Verizon for the 5G Sim card (free by the way at Verizon if you’re a customer) who also helped me activate the phone.Since I am still figuring out what all I can do with this phone, I don’t have a lot to report. It is a large phone which will take some getting used to, but seems to have what I need for battery life and memory. I did not purchase for the cameras, though anymore this where the money is on these phones, guess I’ll have to start taking more photos! Only thing I would say is make sure and get a good protection case for it, as these are investments anymore.

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  25. rob thomas

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    best Samsung phone

    I love the Samsung s23 it can play all the games and has enough storage to hold all the pictures of the kiddos I have not used half of the storage yet. The picture quality is better than any phone I have had now I am proud to take pictures with my phone. The video quality is so great I can not wait to catch my shows in the waiting rooms. I think my favorite part is being able to wireless charge at my desk.

  26. Lynn E

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Smaller phone

    I have been a Pixel and Samsung fan for a long time. I LOVED the fingerprint reader on my Pixel 5 and hated it on my Pixel 6a, so I researched fingerprint readers to make this decision between the S23 and the Pixel 8. In several reviews, the type of reader on the S23 was lauded, so I went for it. I am somewhat disappointed, though it is definitely better than the Pixel 6A. That aside, it is clearly faster than my Pixel 5 and only slightly bigger. It does everything well. We will see how it does with android updates.

  27. MarkjinNY

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Sometimes its better to just bite the bullet

    And get a flagship phone. My job provided S-series phones to me for the past 10 years. They were always a couple of generations behind but they worked fine. I just retired in June and decided to get a cheaper Android phone to replace my company S10 which had been working perfectly. I purchased a Motorola Stylus 5G and it’s been a nightmare. I live in a dead zone for cell signal so I need wifi calling and the Motorola kept dropping network connection. Even though it was using wifi for all my apps just fine I often wasn’t getting calls or texts. And when I would go back to a good cell signal it wouldn’t automatically connect again unless I restarted the phone. I found myself doing restarts one or two times a day to get network and if I didn’t I would miss calls or texts from people who said they couldn’t get a hold of me. I remembered this happening once before when my job gave me a mid grade A50 and it was so bad I had to return it and ask for another S series. So lesson for me is just get a flagship…even if it’s an older generation it’s still going to work and age better than a mid grade. That said, I really like the S23+. I doesn’t lose network, works flawlessly, is a perfect size and is easy to set up. Hopefully it ages as well as my S10 did. I could probably still be using that if I had it. I do miss having SD card options but there is enough memory to house my entire music collection without making a huge dent in the memory and higher end phones are discontinuing SD cards for a reason. I got this phone 20% of retail so if you wait you can save some money. I wish I never spent on the motorola in the first place. Budget phones might be fine if you live in a good area with great reception, but for me the two I’ve tried were nothing but a waste and a pain. This 23+ however, is a great phone.

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  28. Sarah

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    I loved this purchase, I love how it was unlocked and I was able to take to my service provider and get it activated without any problems. The amount of memory is crazy I was able to still have all of my previous phone info and still have room for another phone lol

  29. Arrington

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great phone, a little disappointed with some of the features

    It’s a great phone however for being next Gen and they only made it a bit faster and improved battery life from the 22+ is pretty disappointing. They could have improved cameras, speakers, and user features. Aside from that I still like it, very good phone.

  30. Denys

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Top phone in 2024

    In my opinion, this is a very good phone in all its parameters, I bought it as a gift for my mother, she likes it very much.

  31. Julio Cesar

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Magnífica compra!!!

    El mejor smartphone que he tenido hasta el momento.Una grandísima cámara con una excelente toma de fotografías y vídeos. El zoomx3 es el mejor y lo que se alcanza a tomar con el x100 es espectacular.Las fotografías y videos de noche son increíble he ido a conciertos y parecen casi como el de una cámara profesional.Un excelente rendimiento y autonomía de la batería que me alcanza aproximadamente un día y medio con una alta exigencia por mi uso que le doy.Compre el celular en octubre del 2023 y llevo 3 meses de uso y no he tenido ningún problema.

  32. Quin

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Awesome advanced phone.

    I work in I.T. support and see too many issues with Apple products. I have had Samsung phones since around 2014. I have an S5, an S7 and S9. The S5 & S7 are retired now but still work. The S9 is still active on another line. All these have had “normal” lives, dropped now and then, survived spills and weather. It only made sense to move to the S23 series and I got this Ultra model mainly for the large screen to help with my old shaky hands. I used the Smart Switch app to move files from the S9 to this phone and it saved a ton of time. There are many manual things that need to be done to complete the switch but this worked well. This phone is awesome. The cameras are better than most of my stand alone digital cameras. The phone itself has great clarity and the cell and WiFi connections are very stable. 5G speeds are awesome but I normally don’t play games or watch much video with this phone. All but a couple apps still work that transferred from the S9. A feature that I miss is the standard audio jack for headphones. Battery life on this phone is better than the S9, the wireless charging stations I already have work great and the display size is a major improvement for me and my clumsy hands. I highly recommend this phone.

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  33. Jon Vandermark

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent Product

    This was a great value for the product. Brand new phone works great. Highly recommend.

  34. A.CristinaA.Cristina

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love this lavender brick!

    I got this as an upgrade from my S20 fe. I had my hesitations but after using it for a couple of weeks, I can say that without a doubt, this was a worthy upgrade!I got it while it was discounted and opted in for the monthly payment plan, which is going smoothly. The sound quality is far superior to that of my other phone but what I really like are how much more capable this phone is, from it’s S Pen to the photo editing features, and the high capacity RAM, which allows me to use several apps at once without having them close on me after much inactivity or lag on me.It also has so many more features that can be tweaked in the settings and I love how you can change the sizing format of the homescreen to fit more apps there. There’s so much that can be done and used that I guarantee you’ll need to watch a couple of YouTube videos to see the full breadth of what this thing can do.And the camera is better than any phone camera I’ve used. The zoom is sick. You can tweak the settings in it to get the capture quality you like. The battery life is also far better and out performs the S20 fe. You can use the battery saver features to stretch its life after each charge.If there’s a downside, I’d say that finding a screen protector that will work with it and allow you to use the fingerprint unlock function at the same time, will be tricky. It took me 4 purchases to find a decent screen protector that doesn’t feel like thick plastic and doesn’t pop right off because of the curved screen. Even once I found a functional one that felt good, it occasionally gives me issues with fingerprint unlock.In short, the pros far outweigh any cons. This phone for me is the best on the market as of this date. It doesn’t have me missing my S20 fe one bit!

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  35. steve Lutren

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Outstanding phone

    My last phone was a note 5. Yes I keep my phones for a while. This phone is amazing I have 512 gigs. The battery lasts forever. I was going to wait for the 24 but I’m glad I got the 23.

  36. Adam Hamrick

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    The best of the best!

    Start to finish, this is an absolutely incredible phone. Previously having owned the S22 Ultra, which was also spectacular, I couldn’t be more pleased with this model.If you’ve never had an ultra model, you need to grab this.If you’re coming from another ultra, the upgrades are noticeable, but not revolutionary. While the front camera technically dropped MP from the 22, the actual sensor and software prove it to actually outperform it.You really can feel the power behind the device when switching between various memory intensive apps. It stays quick and snappy, never taking a moment to breathe or needing to catch up.I personally go into dev options and turn up the animation speeds. I also grabbed the nova launcher to really take advantage of just how much real estate you have on this screen size, but the stock launcher is definitely past acceptable!The S pen is used every single day for so many different little things, the least of which is drawing.I could go on about how much I’m in love with this thing, but that doesn’t really impress upon you just how good it really is. Grab it and you won’t regret it… AND GET A FREAKING CASE AND SCREEN PROTECTOR.

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  37. Weez

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Upgraded my Galaxy 7

    I was hesitant to buy a phone online. But when I got this phone it was so easy to transfer the information from the old phone With no worries. The sim card from my galaxy seven popped right into The new phone. It’s a really good phone with a nice camera and the battery life is awesome. I’m really happy with my purchase. I’m glad I didn’t go to the phone store and get ripped off for a phone. I am extremely happy with my purchase

  38. Michael C. Rose

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    My best phone yet

    I’ve had several Samsung phones, the latest being an S21+, and while I’ve liked them all, this is by far the best. Excellent call quality, great screen, phenomenal camera, long battery life, really there’s nothing off hand not to like. Since phones are a necessity these days, you can’t go wrong with this one.

  39. BBwu

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Samsung support nightmare, Amazon service great, phone scratches easily, great battery, camera, cpu

    Update: (3 stars still). Replacement arrived, screens felt slightly different. Placed carefully in pocket every time, and checked the phone after each withdrawal. For the first few times all seemed well; however, a few micro and I mean micro scratches appeared. You can’t see them in standard light but if you look at it like a crazy person like I did (after the first phone’s issues) you can see them. There is no way this phone would last a long time on it’s own. Either samsung has some really bad quality control or I have to say the new glass is definitely a flop. I gave a family member my old s21 ultra already but I kind of wishing I had it as I really dislike the screen protector feel, but I don’t think you can safely own this phone without one (or get lucky with quality control).The phone’s battery has been fantastic though, much more efficient power wise. The photos are naturally very good as well (not that s21’s were bad though). The phone is slim, the pen is nice (I used a phone case with a pen attached to it for my old 21 so I was excited to get it internal). The phone seems to process things quite quickly and things look as good and as smooth as you’d expect for the price (good).The material that seemed to cause the scratch was a synthetic like material that lined the pocket on some icebreaker shorts (merino wool company). Both my s21 ultras have been stored in this pocket before (which I’ve owned for multiple years). The previous phone I’m not sure which material caused it but it had many scratches that were visible from different angles. I don’t wear blue jeans which have those metal buttons, I only wear slacks, cotton, and merino. I don’t work in a sand pit either, so whatever scratched these phones was simply in the pocket out of the pocket (was never dropped). I even have my Note 10s, zero scratches.There is definitely something disappointing with their new glass. I’ve read some people say its because it’s more shatter resistant so it’s softer.. so I suppose if you’re a phone dropper that might be good news, but I’ve never dropped my phone.. I’d rather be able to enjoy the premium screen feel with a scratch free screen.One note is the s21 ultra screens feel MUCH harder / smoother than the s23 ultra, which has a sort of soft squish and very very slight resistance.Amazon’s customer service has been great and I would recommend buying phones from them- whichever phone you choose.If you were fine with your battery and camera, didn’t need an upgrade, and had a sturdy phone then I’m not sure I’d suggest buying this as it’s very expensive yet fairly fragile phone as it defeat’s it’s own luxury feel by requiring a screen protector (or luck of QC).If you’re a screen protector free type person, then I don’t recommend the phone, unless you’re also into some gambling in which case buy the phone from Amazon so you can at least potentially replace it without a nightmare.Working with samsung on this is just an exercise in pain, though if they turn around somehow I’ll update the review again.Previous Update: 3 stars- After talking to support for a third time they suggested to have Amazon replace it so I’m not out of a phone (and it’s under the 15 day warranty). Amazon customer service was very quick and easy. Will update again for better or worse. Old review below.Old review 1 Star:Phone screen scratches easily, like put in and take our of your pocket. I’ve had a s21 ultra for multiple years and the screen looks brand new- not a single scratch at /any/ angle of light, there is no screen protector. The s23 ultra after a few /days/ has multiple micro abrasions that you can see at certain angles (like tiny scratches). I’m not one to put the phone in the same pocket as keys or just toss it in the bag either. Potentially a manufacturing defect, but Samsung support has been bad. Couldn’t make a service request through their members system so I contacted chat who made it for me, arrived at the center they told me to go, they said they can’t do anything for me because they don’t have the screen and even if they did they wouldn’t help because it’s common scratching (… No way that is true, unless the glass is worse than s21..??).It’s certainly a fast phone and the pen is neat, the functionality of the phone is great, I assume it’s a good batch bad batch thing. Otherwise If the screen is actually weaker then the older phone then.. don’t upgrade. If you’re lucky it’s probably great. :/

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  40. Rocio

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    Really good phone, worth the money

  41. Kyrstan YoungKyrstan Young

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    This will work with Verizon!

    Switched from an S21U that I previously had to unlock in order to switch from AT&T to Verizon (my current provider). Setup was super simple! Make sure you keep your old phone around so you can use Samsung Smart Switch (if you have a Samsung) to transfer *almost* everything to the new phone; I wasn’t able to transfer the applications ‘Videos’ and ‘Video Downloader’ which came pre-installed with the S21U but that wasn’t an issue for me.As mentioned, I use Verizon and all I had to do to get everything up and running was move my SIM from my old phone to the new one. I did this AFTER I completed the initial setup on the new phone (it’ll ask you in setup to choose your carrier, I skipped this so I could use Smart Switch to make sure everything was transferred first).This is my first unlocked phone and I’ll definitely be doing this from now on!

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  42. Ryan

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Good alternative for prior LG users

    I finally broke down and got a Samsung. For many many years my phone brand has always been LG. I have always found LG phones to be the best value for money. They pioneered features way before other brands; like tap to wake. They performed just as well as iPhone and Samsung but for much less money. But unfortunately LG left the smartphone market a couple of years ago and my LG V60 was finally showing it’s age. I was finally forced to get something that wasn’t LG for the first time in almost 2 decades. I was set and ready to get the one plus 11 and I had even purchased it and everything. The next day I discovered it had no water resistance rating nor wireless charging. One by itself wouldn’t have been a deal breaker but lacking both features in tandem are unfortunately. Once I realized that, I cancelled my order for the One Plus. Normally I wouldn’t consider Samsung, as they are just as expensive as Apple, but I did come across some really good deals on Prime day. I had considered the the 23 Ultra but was concerned about the overall size and I wouldn’t use the stylus; so for me the price premium wasn’t worth it. So I went for the 512GB 23+. I use my phone a lot during the day so I wanted a phone with plenty of storage and processing power. So far it’s been working great; very speedy, feature rich, user friendly, and responsive. My cell reception seems to be better and it connects to all my devices well. My one gripe is the face recognition and fingerprint reader usually don’t work the first time, which is annoying. I wish they would use a dedicated sensor and not an in-screen reader. Other than that the phone is a good choice and a good value considering I got a pretty good deal on it. So far, Samsung seems to be a good alternative to LG.

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  43. Cassman Williams

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Awesome device

    The media could not be loaded.

    The S23 ultra I could say is one of the best phones I ever hold in my possession, the smoothness of the transitions between apps the high quality photos it takes, the high definition when recording a video, the screen display is so high quality and the battery life is very long. I don’t think I can complain about anything about this phone it’s so perfect it even plays these high performance games like it’s nothing and it has so many other features I have yet to unlock. If it’s not the best I say it’s one of the best phones of this era totally worth the money

  44. Jmb70

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Samsung 23

    Been good so far.

  45. Jerry Gips

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great phone, very heavy

    I like almost every function of this phone, except for the facial recognition which is TERRIBLE. Samsung should be embarrassed that the facial recognition is so poor on what is a top quality phone.

  46. Rick H.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice Android!

    Wife needed new phone so Son bought her this. She loves it!

  47. Chris

    4.0 out of 5 stars


    It’s expensive but I like it a lot. Camera is good zoom works well. Fast too, just look up how to use videos.

  48. bob anderson

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Dramatic battery life improvement over my S8

    The only reason I decided to replace my S8 was that the battery couldn’t make it through a day even after having been replaced. I picked this phone because it has a small form factor similar to the S8 and can do induction charging unlike the A series. I did a direct comparison of battery usage between my S8 and the s23, and after being used equally for many hours, the S8 was down to 23% and the S23 was at 63%. One nice feature of this phone is that you can set an upper limit for charging, which supposedly protects the battery. Mine is currently set to stop charging at 85%.My biggest complaint about switching to this phone is the limitations for transferring apps. First of all, the transfer process takes a very, very long time, and none of the login information or passwords transfers, so you have to log into each app and, in some cases, go through a few additional steps. In this regard, I have to admit that Apple is the best company out there: you can transfer from one phone to another and immediately have the new phone do everything the old phone did without any glitches.I would also say that the phone is too expensive. It would be a bargain at half the price. Again, the only reason I bought it was that my S8 couldn’t make it through the day anymore. Otherwise, I don’t think the features of this phone are in any way superior.

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  49. L. Spencer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great phone! Love it.

    Phone us easy to use, super fast and works great. It takes amazing pictures. I ordered it to update my old android. So happy I did! Stylus is awesome too. It will let you know on the phone when it is out, which is a great reminder not to leave it behind.

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  50. raulinho

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent choice!

    Over a year using it and still in great conditions!

  51. Rod Lawrence

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Best phone ever for me But –

    This is a beautiful phone. My best one ever. Color, screen resolution, more features than ever. Hope I get another six to seven years of enjoyment as I did with my S9+. There are two discrepancies that I noticed right away: The phone unlike the past comes with no charger. Can’t believe they would not provide one for the price we’re paying. Secondly the very first direction is to remove the sim card. I could not get the tray to open so a hasty call to my provider saved the day when they provided a digital SIM. I love this phone and do not want to go through a terrible Christmas return. A You Tube video shows a couple tricks to get it open so I will leave it alone and enjoy my new phone. Might I suggest that Samsung check this feature when packing these phones. With all said this is a beautiful and exciting new phone and I’m looking forward to years of enjoying it.

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  52. Dr-Phone

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Not a lot faster than my old S21 on startup same goes for charging.

    I’m totally blind! I got this to replace my old S21 cell phone. For the most part, I like Samsung Galaxy devices do to the louder external speaker over other devices like iPhones.But anyway when I got this phone; The button layout are in the same arangement as my old phone. For me, that was a plus. The external speaker running the Same TTS along with Talkback doesn’t seem to be as clear to me. It sounds like it is a little muffeled and a little lower in volume even with the same settings as my S21 like when in a pocket.When charging the phone; The charging spead doesn’t look to be much improved. You would think going from an 25W (S21) to and 45W (S23 plus) you would see a large difference on charging time. But looks to be only about 15 minutes or so difference. Yes a totally blind person needs to have the phone on to know how the phone is doing as far as charging otherwise the screen reader will not work. I do like the faster charging being I don’t have to wait as long even that it is only 15 or so minutes faster. But again, this is an larger battery. Speaking of the battery! I get about 2 days and more on a charge. The old phone I was getting about 1.5 days. I mainly use my phone to make and receive calls. I keep the screen off being a totally blind person doesn’t need that function on to suck power. But running the external speaker takes as much power to run as the screen does! lol.As far as turning on the phone to me seams to take as long as the old S21 to startup. This phone does work on AT&T network even on 5G. The bad thing is you cannot lock it to 5G only! But I’m guessing that this is do to Samsung and AT&T having an agreement that the phone must be set to Auto and the user cannot control that. Same goes if you are having trouble with cell signal quality and you want to use Wi-Fi calling! As long as you have an cell signal coverage! Wi-Fi calling will not work. Again AT&T not wanting people to use that as long as you are on there network. Other devices like Apples; Allow you to do that being they told AT&T you aren’t going to do that.

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  53. Gabriel Paris – Official Neck Sofa seller

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best smartphone money can buy (at time of purchase)!

    What more can I say, the S23 ultra is the best phone I ever purchased.

  54. Lonnie

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    About what I expected-not unhappy

    Reading the reviews, most of the low ratings mentioned facial recognition and fingerprint reader as not being all that great. What’s new? Out of the past smartphones I h ave owned which were mostly Samsung, this one is no worse and not all that much better. I have never had a lot of success with either of the features having to do with security. I have redone my face about 20 times and it’s hit and miss. As to fingerprint, about the same. So if neither works from the start I simple enter in the 4 digit pin. No big deal. As to battery life, I find it improved over the previous Galaxy S10e I was using. I am not disappointed in my purchase and firmly believe others reading the reviews, don’t let the 1 and 2 star reviews guide you. I think this is a fine phone and will see going forward if I feel a need to change my review.

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  55. Frank Sam Hu

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Muy bueno

    Vengo de un celular OnePlus 5T (de adelante sera referido como OP5T) que lo adquiri en el 2015. Hay varias cosas que no me han terminado de agradar a la hora de cambiarme de telefono.Cosas que me gustaron:1. LA CAMARA. Totalmente increible. Soy mucho de tomarle fotos a las estrellas, luna, paisajes e insectos. Realmente valio la pena comprarlo por esto.2. Al jugar juegos que incluso son muy exigentes, no se calienta para nada3. La pantalla. No se como describirlo, pero tiene mucha nitidez, aunque no es muy brillosa. Ademas, como pro y contra, es demasiado demasiado lisa, es comodo usarlo, pero resbala, lo cual en ciertos juegos puede perjudicarCosas que me disgustaron:1. La huella dactilar esta en la pantalla frontal, mientras que en el OP5T esta en la parte de atras, con una cavidad. A la hora de usar la huella, cuesta encontrar correctamente donde poner el dedo, teniendo que realizar varios intentos antes de acertarle, mientras que en el OP5T al tener la cavidad, facilmente podias sentir que estabas colocando bien el dedo.2. El reconocimiento facial demora bastante a comparacion del OP5T y lo peor es que al dia de hoy, una vez reconocido no hay modo de quitar la pantalla de bloqueado, entonces debes esperar a que te reconozca y hacer swipe para desbloquear si usas este metodo3. El celular pesa muchisimo, un poco menos del doble que el OP5T, hasta cierto punto es cansado sostenerlo.4. No trae cargador, solamente cable USB C a USB C y esto fue un dolor de cabeza para mi porque tuve que incurrir a un gasto extra ya que no tengo ningun cargador de USB C5. El sonido es relativamente bajo6. Por el precio, hubiera sido bueno agregarle un protector y/o un case7. Para tomar screenshots es un poco complicado. Mientras que en el OP5T tenia el boton de apagado en un lado y el de volumen en el otro lado, estos estan del mismo lado, lo cual se me hace un poco incomodo de presionar para tomar screenshot. Y si es usando gesto, debes pasar todo la palma, lo cual tampoco se me hace practico. En OP5T puedes deslizar tres dedos de arriba hacia abajo para tomar screenshot.

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  56. DK

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best phone is samaung not I phone

    Samsung !! Good job

  57. todd fischer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Remote Sim Card!!

    I called consumer celluar and they programed it remotely, with an E-Sim, a couple of minutes and i was up and running!! No problems since and the price is right!!Did u hear me??Tell them todd sent you!!

  58. Josh G

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best of The Best

    Amazing phone, just got it today and its so perfect. I upgraded from the s9+, so all these differences are insane to me.

  59. Jorge Blanca

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    El mejor teléfono en todos los sentidos

    Calidad de sobra

  60. C. IBLE

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    an recommend this

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